Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Truly Rich Kid's Workshop

On Wednesday (May 14), we went to the workshop at CFA to learn about how to deal with money and how to sell something.

First, we watched Phineas and Ferb slide-show on how to help and sell lemonade to earn money. Second, I made my own product of pastillas to sell it. I price it for P50.00. We wrote a business plan to start earning money. Third, we were given play money and a bill statement to pay. We need to handle our budget between "wants" versus "needs" from sharing to the poor versus buying toys, saving versus buying gadgets and going on a trip versus paying all the bills. We were given a token bracelet for every booth we go to accomplish our things to do.

I got 2 red bracelets for "wants" and 1 green bracelet for "needs" to be done.

Lastly, we open a big gift box with lots of piggy banks for all of us and a t-shirt of Truly Rich Kids, too. I have a great time and my favorite part was the pastillas making for my daddy's surprise.

I thank Uncle Bo and all his assistants like teacher Marco, who were all patient in helping us all kids to learn to be entrepreneur.

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