Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Mind Museum

On Tuesday, we went to the Mind Museum. It's located in Taguig.

Before I enter, I went to the playground with Aim while waiting for Daddy. When Daddy came, we entered the museum to learn something. I met a new robot name Aedi. It's like a real robot! Next, I learned about dinosaurs, volcanoes, space and more.

First I saw a giant dinosaur bone. It has lots and lots of bones. Second, I learned about volcanoes. It's like a mountain with a hole on top and it spreads all lava when it erupts. Third, I also learned about space. It's really nice and big. Aim and I controlled a six wheel replica of a Mars vehicle. It's like a real vehicle! Next, I watched a short movie about space and Earth.

Then I went to the museum shop where there are lots of toys for kids. I like their Lego toys. They are huge and awesome. 

After the museum, I went to the playground again and I liked the three steep slides. My favorite activities are for the space parts. 

I wish I can go back to the museum.   

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