Wednesday, December 14, 2016


As part of our Christmas project with Teacher Reinier, he asked us to make the traditional Filipino Christmas lantern to design our school. Our theme is Filipino design product with recycled materials.

We needed bamboo sticks to form a star but since we cannot find these in the market area, my father bought a complete parol to take off the original plastic cover. Then, we use and cut the foil wrappers of snack foods as its new cover by using rugby glue (it was so sticky and it won’t get off unless it is dry). We chose different colors to make it more attractive.

Finally, we decorated two plastic bottles with the cut-out foil wrappers around it and hang these below the two bottom tips of the stars as extra design.

I liked it we even finish it before deadline!

We also made additional four smaller stars but I did not submit it to my teacher anymore. These were simpler using barbecue sticks and we just stick glitters or small confetti to decorate. My little brother Aim loved doing these small starts.

Now they are all hanging in front of our house and above our dining table.

Merry Christmas to all! 

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