Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Speed Building

On November 26, me and my family went to the Alabang Town Center to join the Lego weekend contest called Lego Star Wars speed building.

In this competition you need to build as many Lego mini-figures within 1 minute. Each mini-figure must be correctly build like the head, arms and legs are all facing forward. If one part is incorrect or inverted, that’s not counted. If there is a tie between one or among players, a tie-breaker face-off will be done. Whoever has the most mini-figures that built wins P1,000 worth of Lego toy.

In my age category, there were 4 contestants so I have a few opponents though they all looked determined to win also. I made 10 Lego mini-figures but 2 pcs were not counted due to wrong parts position. The other kids  some got 4, 7 and 8 as well so a tie-breaker was called by the judges.
For the face-off round, I got a heart-racing 11 correct mini-figures (out of 12)  while the other kid still got 8, so I won the competition.

My prize was a Lego Chima set, a Star Wars poster and the Lego book catalogue. The other contestants also got a poster of Lego Star Wars as consolation prize.

I thank God for giving me this wonderful gift

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