Friday, January 1, 2016

Wakeboards Up!

Just do it.

On Dec 31 2015 we went to Deca Wakeboard Park ( ) in Angeles City. It was our first time so we were excited and a bit scared. We went there in the morning after breakfast so not so many people will be there.

There are two kind of wake boarding areas, the beginners and the experts zone. We were at the beginner stage. It was a straigth body water where one can just go around. The expert zone is such a big one where there are even a couple of ramps.

At first, we kept flopping but we kept practicing. We listened to the wake boarding guide until we made it to the end. My mom took videos of us as remembrance. 

It was fun.

The tricks for a good wake boarding are:
1. Toes up
2. Move your board right
3. Hold the handle tightly but don’t pull back.
4. Sit down during the wake boarding
5. Make a strong grip on the handle and push your heel into your board to move left or right.

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