Friday, January 8, 2016

All is Well, When Aim's Well

Despite not feeling well the past 2 days, our 4-year old Aim has, time and again, made us smile with his witty charm and innocent remarks.

Scene 1
Aim saw the plastic container of the cookies that our Hongkong factory manager gave me last month and went to ask me a question.

Aim      : (Holding up the container) Daddy, how much is this?
me       : I think it should be around 20 Hongkong dollar.
Aim      : Aaah, twenty na parang car.........honk honk...

Scene 2
As I was wiping his forehead with a wet face towel due to his light fever, I asked him if he was feeling cold or hot.

Aim       : I think I feel cold.
me        : You feel cold? 
Aim       : Ay hot pala?
me        : What is correct, you feel cold or you feel hot?
Aim       : Daddy, I feel cold and hot na lang.

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