Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ate Clarisse's Birthday

On Sunday morning it was ate Clarisse’s birthday celebration. With my cousin Bono, I was watching a television show when Tita Norie called us to (help-out) make breakfast and snack. Bono and I cooked and prepared the delicious jelly for the dessert. We both cut the jelly into cube formation (shapes) then Bono and I mixed the milk on the delicious jelly and put it on the freezer. Then at four o’clock, we left papa’s house to go to the Sunday mass with papa and mama.

There was also a concert in the church. There were full of children and they sang the closing song (Rowin: They sang the theme song for the coming papal visit – “We Are All God’s Children”)


Ate Clarisse is the eldest among the new generation of our family circle. She just turned 15 but still very much young at heart, playful and a doting ate to her younger cousins. Happy Birthday to our Clarisse!

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