Friday, August 29, 2014

Boom Pinoy Sayawit - by Zek

On Friday, My dad and I went to the Boom Pinoy Sayawit. There were so many classmates.They were wearing colorful Pilipino costumes. My friend Paul was wearing a farmer hat.He was holding a paper written the "Ikalimang Baitang". All grade five pupils sang the Sawpama song.We watched all of the children dance and sing.

They also gave prizes after the games. They even invited Lapu-Lapu, Andres Bonifacio and St. Lorenzo Ruiz. After that we went to the cafeteria. We shared our tarts.There were so many foods that my classmates can eat. After that we left the Boom Pinoy Sayawit.

Sawpama Nagbangka-bangka 

Sawpama nagbangka-bangka
In alun landu dakula
Hi Sabrus nagkalaw-lawa
Hi utu sadja in ha lawm dila

Sawpama nagbanug-banog
In alun landu makusug
Hi Sabrus nagkalaw-lunud
Hi utu sadja in ha lawm sinud

Sawpama nagbugsay-bugsay
In hula landu malumbay
Hi Sabrus nagtangis-matay

Hi utu sadja in ha lawm atay

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