Monday, March 10, 2014

My Earthquake Lesson

This Tuesday, there was an announcement by the East of Galleria management about a seminar at the fourth floor. We met a teacher from the Department of Science and Technology and we talked about earthquakes. 

She said that earthquakes are natural disaster that makes rumbling noise, shaking buildings and cracking grounds.

There are all kinds of hazards like tsunami, landslide, ground shaking and rupture, liquefaction and fire.

Before an earthquake, you (we) must pack-up some important things like first aid, water, food and whistle. 
During earthquake, hide under the (strong) table and hold tight (cover your head with hands). After the earthquake, you should go to the evacuation area.

I hope you (we) are safe.

(Rowin: Thanks to Ms. Sharmaine of Phivolcs for the insightful seminar about earthquakes and the necessary preparations in case another "big one" comes. According to their data, we have at least 90 strong magnitude quakes in the last 400 years so that is roughly 1 in every 22 years on average.

Coincidentally today, March 11, is also the 3rd year commemoration of the Japan's triple disaster - earthquake, tsunami and nuclear that has brought much devastation and loss of lives.) 

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