Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My 52-Week Savings Challenge

This is my 52-week savings challenge list .

First, I need to write the (present) week, the date and amount to save. Before I put the money at the piggy bank (Rowin: it’s actually a Coke bottle bank :) ), I need to count my money and write the total in peso. I must write yes or no if I deposited the total amount to the bank.

My money now is 450 pesos and I also help my brother to save his money. His total amount is 225 pesos.
I plan to buy food and some important things and my brother will follow what I do. 

This is Zek Santos. 

(Rowin: There are a lot of versions and variations of this 52 week challenge in the internet so its really up to the person how much he wants to save every week that will determine his year-end savings. The golden nugget here is to incorporate the frugal and savings mentality to our sons while they are still young.)

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