Sunday, May 21, 2017

Midweek Camp-In

What a blast!

The Seven Pillars school hosted a 2-day camp-in last March 16-17 about survival in the forest, desert and other difficult places.

On day one, I arrived in our school and unpacked my stuffs. After that, I went to the gym for the students grouping. They used the planet names of the solar system to name each group and the name of our group was Team Venus.

Our first activity was to pitch a tent. After they taught us, they made a challenge how fast we can pitch our tent. We finished in last place.

After that we had a break for a few minutes and then we went down to learn how to go to a location without a compass using only a watch. This is how you do it, first find the sun and then use your watch to point it your time is 10 to 12 find the middle which was 11 so that’s south. That’s your quide-direction to find north, east and west.

And then they taught us how to capture, kill ,clean, cut and cook the piglet. It was kinda sad killing an animal.

We prepared our breakfast using fire, coal and some papers, same thing in breakfast lunch and dinner,

Afterwards, we played “Capture the Flag”. We needed to be stealthy if we want to win this game. Our “enemy” were the girls and we captured a lot of flags so the boys won.

It was night time but before we slept some of my classmates and even our teachers told stories. We slept and woke up at 6 am for day 2.

For breakfast and lunch my group-mates and I cooked some food outside the school after we made fire.

 On day 2, we jogged and have a little break when we went back. And then they taught us how to use arnis to defend against an enemy.

Lastly, it was treasure hunting. Well, it took two or more hours to find all the clues and to figure out the riddle before finding the item. It was pretty exhausting.

 Finally, we all went back to our homes.

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