Monday, September 14, 2015

VW Child Safety Initiative

On September 13, we went to Shangri-La for Aim’s Volkswagen car safety lesson after I went biking on Health day, participated on the Sunday mass church and practicing for Kids Inn Choir.

We ate lunch before he played. First, the small kids listened and try to understand all the things they need to learn such as stop and warning signs, pedestrian lanes, stop light colors and more. Then our old teacher, Director Albert Suansing showed us the rules using a small map. There were two toy cars and he used them to take sample situation like a car going to stop before the stop light.

Then finally, the small kids drove around a small city map with traffic signs and a real stop light. They needed to go to three places like mall, houses, school and park to earn their license. In the end, we each got a play license ID and it’s a lot like the real license.

Then we ate dinner and went home.    

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