Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just The Way You Are

As the new school year starts with the spiritually uplifting and grace-filled Holy Mass for the CFA Anointing Day yesterday, our family looks forward to another challenging weeks ahead of us. And so we offer our family prayer to our Life Teacher above as our kuya Zeke embarks on his Grade 6 journey and as we welcome our Aim into the introductory play-learning of a four year old toddler.

Surely, a lot of our home-schooling parents can relate to us when we say that being a full-time parent-teacher can really stretch one's patient to the thinnest limit. As my Star-Wars fanatic son would often feels that we are pulled into the vortex of the dark force whenever the quarterly tests are coming, I, inadvertently, becomes Darth Vader and my son, well, he would retreat to all the corners of our house as he transforms to E. Vader (yes, evading me all the time and with all the chance he can get). 

So why do we keep on home-schooling our son? Well, the officiating priest beautifully put it this way - home schooling is about relationship, it is about life-lessons and it is about loving our children. It is about fulfilling our parental mission to bring up God-loving children, responsible future citizens and purpose-driven individual. 

With the Father's endless grace, Jesus' unconditional love and the Holy Spirit's guidance and direction, we remain optimistic and positive that we will be, once again, fine this school year. 

OK, let the fun begins.

- daddy rowin

For this year's family theme, we are borrowing the Chorus from one of the famous songs of our good friend (wink) Bruno Mars and twitched its lyrics a little to fit our goal.

When we see your grades
There always something we can do
Coz you're amazing,
Just the way you are

And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Coz you're amazing
Grade Six at CFA.

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