Saturday, February 28, 2015

Yamaha Recital

I enrolled at Yamaha School of Music because I like singing and playing the piano. The songs and piano pieces that I have learned so far are “ A Dozen A Day”,” Rude “,” Yankee Doodle”,” The Chimes”, “ Paratrooper and “Mary had a  Little Lamb”.

On February 28, we went to Robinson’s mall for my recital. There was a recital because they wanted to show the parents what the students have learned. My friends also came to watch me play the big black piano and to sing a inspirational song. Eighteen participants performed and I played “The Pet Shop “ and sang ”You Raise me Up “.During recital I felt scared with so many people but I did well.

After that, we had a snack and the Yamaha students and I talked about funny things. Yes, I did enjoy my recital because I like music.

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