Friday, January 30, 2015

Going Around Lipa

On Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015, we went to Lipa City. The weather was hot but cloudy. We went there because my dad has some important work to do. And we slept there for one night. I played with my brother Aim and our toys, watched a movie, and worked and helped daddy. The place was quite nice and we like it because of the fresh air and so many animals.

I learned that some plants are shy (Rowin: it’s the Makahiya plant) and some dangerous and disgusting creatures like leech, big ants and worms.

We also went to the San Benito Farm where there were ducks, peacocks, a playground, a restaurant , a pond and green lawn grass. There were even peacocks on the roof and we all LOL (Rowin: there is really a need to reduce more internet time for Zek :D) at them. 

Then we went to the Lipa museum where there were old stuffs like type-writers, cellphones , dresses, pots ,soldier’s uniform, weapons, paintings, plates and cups. Next we went to the Lipa City library. It’s huge with so many shelves and books. There’s even a baby room full of toys and baby books. The book that I read was Dream Chasers.

And finally, our last destination was the church (San Sebastian Cathedral) and it is beautiful. Inside the church roof are paintings of the prophets like is Daniel, Ezechiel and Noah and our Lord Jesus.

We went to SLEX to go home and we stopped by at Shell Station to eat dinner and got daddy’s cake. We all have fun learning all day.

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