Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tito Merv-Tita Kat's Wedding

On Wednesday. we went to Tito Mervin and Tita Kat’s wedding. The church looks like Poison Ivy’s place, because there were so many plants. My cousins and friends were there. They are Kuya Pao, Kuya Gelo, Kuya Josh, Kuya JC, Ate Thea and Ate Pia.

We attended the church before the big feast. We saw honor guards, horse carriage, a very big fountain and the Mercedes-Benz inside. As we crossed the bridge there were boats. During the mass offertory, our family gave the priest our fruit basket offering and received communion later. Then we threw the flower petals at the newly-weds and watched the fireworks.

We went to the feast area and ate before we left.
THE END             


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