Friday, September 12, 2014

One Family in Tagaytay

On Tuesday, we prepared our things and traveled to Tagaytay. When we reached our destination, we stayed in a hotel named One Tagaytay. Later we went to the sixth floor and our room number was 607. When I looked, it was nice. We also have a balcony with a nice view and a refreshing hot shower. We also went to the swimming pool. The kiddie pool has a fountain. The big swimming pool was around 5 feet while the kiddie pool is 3 feet.

On Wednesday, my mom was watched television and I joined her. She likes yoga movies. Then when I went out there was fog and I can’t see a thing, not even the view (of Taal Lake). We were supposed to go to the Pink Sisters Chapel but it’s too dangerous to drive through a fog. Me and Aim just watched TV until the fog cleared. When I came out the fog was gone so now we can go to Pink Sisters. It has nice views. There are even Moses’s Ten Commandments and Jesus on the cross.

Then we went back to the hotel and packed our things because we are going to leave. After that we passed by a church and prayed for our safe trip. We also ate before we left so we are not hungry

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