Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Aim Okay

Since Aim started talking, we are encouraging him to express his feelings by asking him lots of questions.

Last night when he was watching his favorite 101 Dalmatian movie, he was so excited that he jumped up the sofa and accidentally hit his head on the window. He cried hard and got a small bump. While his daddy holds him, I tried to apply the cold compress on his head.

Then his daddy asked him, "Are you okay?"

And he just answered with a nod.

We continue to calm him down then I asked him again,  "Are you okay?"

He replied with a, "Yes."

When he stopped crying, we gave him his hand-shaped cold compress from the freezer so he could hold it by himself to his head.

For the 3rd time, I asked him again if he's okay.

This time he answered,  "Yes, I Aim okay!"

Now we're convinced.

Thank God for it didn't cause him any major injuries.

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