Friday, December 13, 2013

CFA Christmas Party 2013

This morning, I went to the tall building where the Christmas party start setting the big party. First, they will ask the children to perform singing or dancing or playing music.

The first performance is the boy that plays the drum. He is just seven years old and his drumming was cool and nice. Then after the other performances, we have a little break for fifteen minutes to eat snack. Then, I met my friend named Bailey and we play with each other.

After the break-time, they started to play a game. The game is being like a statue. First they make like Mary and Joseph and the shepherd with the sheep then take a photo. The second act is that they will pray and eat food but not really to eat and just take a photo also.

Then the children that wears hat dance and put our stars and presents at the Christmas tree.

Then I play with Bailey again. Before we all leave, we pray about our fine day and then we say good-bye and go home.

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