Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fun Time

Scene 1

Daddy   :    Zek, I will shampoo your hair today so I am sure you rinse properly.
Zek        :    NOOO WAYYY! I am old enough to do it by myself.

I insisted and Zek just kept on protesting as I started to shower his head.

Zek        :    (In a low murmuring protesting sound) Dad, I really can do it myself. 
                    I am a tadpole already!

:D Zek sure did apply his lesson about life cycle of a frog which his mommy taught her. Now, it’s time for daddy frog to kiss his queen frog. Ribick!

Scene 2

Daddy   :   The third commandent of God is to keep His holy day of Sabbath.

Aim, our 2 year old toddler, over-hearing “Sabbath” yelled: Yes, sama ko bath time!

Ha ha ha :D

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