Monday, August 12, 2013

My First Godson

Later, my Dad is about to leave the house because he needs a lot of things left in China. We pray for him for a safe journey. Then, I have my toothbrush. As my Mom cook our breakfast, I’m doing my (home)work. Then, after my work, we ate some breakfast while Aim was a little busy watching TV. Then, we take a bath and watch Speed Racer before we leave. We went to the church (Edsa Shrine)for it (baptismal rites) was beginning and I meet a new baby – Johana Lucas. He is a cute baby boy. He almost looks like Aim. Then, I baptize the baby (Rowin: our Fr. Zek :D) and the mass is ended. We all get going ad we buy a yummy ice-cream. Then we went home happy.

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