Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's Health Sunday

By: Zek Santos

After I sleep, we go to the health Sunday. After eating and playing there, I do my lesson then eat lunch. After lunch, we go to my Kid's Inn, then I go to National bookstore to read. After reading, we go to St. Francis to meet kuya JC, then we all go home. At night, I watch Star Wars on my computer.

(Health Sunday is a program to promote healthy living by the Pasig City council. It closes the whole section of Emerald St in Ortigas Center from 7am until 12 noon so anybody can do healthy activities like jogging, biking and other sporting activities. The project started only last June 3, 2012 and is very much on-going. Kudos to all its organizers and volunteers for this healthy living initiatives - Rowin)

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